About Haven Valley


What Makes Us Different

There are many builders who can take your ideal home from dream to reality, but at Haven Valley, we’re focused on making each building experience memorable and enjoyable.

Because our focus is on our clients and not our profits, we pride ourselves on being able to bring your dream home to life in a shorter time frame and a lower cost than other companies—all without sacrificing an inch of the luxury and comfort you’ve imagined.

A Commitment to Excellence That Stands the Test of Time

We know that creating gorgeous spaces doesn’t require big teams and drawn-out schedules; in fact, a focus on volume and profit can often steal away from the gratifying experience of building your own custom home.

At Haven Valley, we recognize that it’s not just a house we’re building. It’s your life. As a home builder with deep roots in the Upstate, we don’t just know the area; we know the people. Our relationships with contractors and vendors become yours, allowing you to benefit from decades of experience and relationships that can expedite your build and come home sooner. 

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Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott


Jeff Scott

John Riley

Director of Construction